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Garage Floor Painting / Coating

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Usually, garages are one of those areas in our homes that could use a little extra love. Often dingy, crowded, dirty and in need of a facelift, it can be easy to forget how simple it is to improve what may be the most cluttered room in your home! But something as simple as painting the walls or floors of your garage can have a considerable impact—and this doesn’t have to mean a lot of work or effort on your part!

Our team at Palm Beach Paint and Design can manage the whole job for you, start to finish.

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What to Expect from Our House Painters

  • Free Price Estimate –
    We’ll give you a free price quote for your job when you call.
  • Total Clean
    We start every garage floor painting / coating job with a thorough cleaning.
  • Protective Coating
    Once we have cleaned your garage floor, we’ll use a sturdy, smooth coating. This protects the garage floor from future stains and guarantees safety of the user.

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